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Welcome to the Ultimate Staff handbook

Here you will find the ultimate guide to become the best staff member on the Hypax Network:


Tips for you that want to be a good sport:

Don't overuse the command /enchant, as I, The Owner can see everything you've ever typed.

By overusing a command can lead to denied access to that command

Never be rude or abuse with anything like worlediting unnessesary things or throwing lava at someone.

Don't give out fr...

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Rules (PLEASE READ) 3 months ago

These are the rules that apply to the whole Hypax Network.

If one of these rules are broken you will be banned/muted, based on your offense.

[1] We do not prohibit the use of any disallowed modifications. Taking the risk and getting caught using one of these will give you an...

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Important Info for you that want to apply for staff.


Once you've met all the requirements, please refer to the applying section.

Requirements for you that want to apply:

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Today we have successfully released Hypax! The forum still might have some glitches, to example the verification system might not send you a verification email to verify your account. We will fix that ASAP.Thanks for playing on Hypax

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